Our CEO – Anthony Hernandez

Personal Story: How Captain IT Came to Be

Thank you for your interest in Captain IT. I’m Anthony Hernandez, President of Captain IT; and more importantly, I’m the lucky husband of a beautiful, hard-working and supportive wife, a proud father to five beautiful children, and the devoted brother of a caring, supportive sister. I grew up in Los Angeles, and am a proud graduate of California Polytechnic University in Pomona, where I earned a computer science degree.

I’ve always had a zeal for technology and a passion for helping people, evidenced by my commitment to technology employment throughout college and beyond; I’ve worked as a computer repair technician, website designer, database programmer, senior-level field engineer, technology teacher, technology consultant, technology manager, technology director, and now a business owner.

Prior to establishing Captain IT, I worked for Green Dot Public Schools, a charter school management group that encompassed 20 school sites. From scratch, I helped the entire organization design and implement an effective computer network infrastructure that served each one of these sites. At the conclusion of my seven years of service, the school district had a reliable, robust technology infrastructure that continues to operate today.

Whether working in my own business or as an employee, customer satisfaction has always been my top priority; it serves as my motivation to acquire new skills and learn new methods. At Green Dot, the infrastructure consisted of clustered Microsoft exchange servers, Cisco firewalls, backup strategies, designing data centers, replicating servers (across all 20 locations), and asset management systems; I developed policies and procedures for effective technology management, budget management, and procurement where each of these were concerned. Needless to say, I learned everything from scratch; and as a result, the knowledge and expertise that was gained while managing the technology of an entire school district gave me the skills, motivation, and courage to start my own business.

However, I would have not accomplished any of the above if I didn’t have a strong source of encouragement from the very beginning: my sister, Rocio. We all need a positive role model to succeed in life, and she was mine. Since I was very young, I admired my sister for her disciplined manner and dedication to responsibilities. She always strived for the best grades and worked tenaciously to achieve her goals. She is hardworking, genuine, and big-hearted.

Now a successful engineer, Rocio was able to provide a positive role model for me – an example that prepared me for personal and professional success alike. From here, I learned principles that I apply to my work every day: hard work, helping others, tenacity, and commitment to excellence. Each one is evidenced in my business today, as follows:

Hard work: I work hard to deliver the results and level of customer service that each of my clients deserves. My staff and I aim to treat our clients as if they were the only clients we serve.

Helping others: I believe helping others succeed is the best method for developing long-lasting relationships. I’ve worked with many businesses because I love their passion and commitment to helping others.

Tenacity: Giving up on a problem is never an option for me. At Captain IT, we insist on finding a solution to each technology problem we encounter.

Commitment to excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do, from the quality of work to customer service. We take our jobs very seriously and want our customers to have the best experience possible.

What’s the point? In short, Captain IT is a company that was 1.) inspired by a positive role model, and 2.) born out of an identified need for reliable, quality service in the marketplace. The principles above are the core values that my staff and I live by every day. My passion for helping businesses grow through the use of technology sets Captain IT apart from the rest of the “tech guy” pack.

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